Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Canvas DIY

I accept acclimated this actual able adjustment of announcement bank art and capital to allotment this actual actual simple DIY abstraction for ascent pictures on canvas:
I adulation this adjustment of block ascent for a bulk of reasons:
It is simple - picture, paintbrush, scissors, glue. What could go wrong?
It is bargain - you can usually acquirement canvases in a ambit of sizes at your bounded ability abundance for a actual reasonable price.
It is simple to adhere - canvas is ablaze so you can use disposable hooks and blu-tak to adhere them. Simple to move too if you don't like area you put it the aboriginal time!

It is able - I adulation bond it up on the walls, altered black frames, canvases, block-mountings etc. Something altered with a 'Wow!' factor.
It is so simple to do:
What you need:
Pictures! - cardboard a little thicker than accepted copy-paper works best. If you are a able duke with Photoshop you could actualize your own pictures to book out or use some of the abounding chargeless printable, downloadable, artworks out there. Your admired anthology cardboard could plan too for a patterened block effect. In this instance I acclimated some of my own designs from my Transportation series.
Scissors, ruler, pencil - to cut your account to size.
Canvases - your admeasurement of choice.
Cement & besom - I use Mod Podge although I am abiding you could use something agnate just as effectively.
Cut your account to size.
Use a acceptable bulk of cement and acrylic the face of the canvas
Attach the account to the canvas, cutting out any airbubbles with a clean, dry cloth, getting accurate not to get any cement on the foreground of the picture.
I didn't allowance the foreground of the picture, but if you do wish to allowance it, be accurate that your printout is not traveling to smudge.
My cardboard coiled a little if in acquaintance with the cement so I put the accomplished affair upside down on a apple-pie dry apparent until it was dry.
Don't accent that it looks askance or angled at first. Canvas stretches if wet but will ameliorate it's admeasurement and appearance if dry so it should all abrade out if the cement has broiled. 

I LOVE the end result:
Because these were smaller, lighter canvases, I absorbed them to the bank with Blu-tak so that I can move them about easily. With any of these bank adjustable products, be actual accurate to analysis on your walls aboriginal and super-careful if removing it so as not to abolish any chunks of adhesive with it!
While I was in the mood, I aswell created some fun typography and army them on canvas too:
Twinkle Twinkle is consistently his song of best for his bedtime song and 'Banana' is his admired chat. I accept afraid these at the bottom of his bed for a claimed touch. They will be bargain and simple to move or alter as his 'favorites' change over time.
I am planning to do a collage of beyond canvases and printouts for my earlier son's room, so I will accumulate you posted.
Have fun creating! 

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