Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Art Trail

The Greater Ithaca Art Trail begins tomorrow: 48 artists will accept our studios accessible from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, October 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th. You’ll acquisition a advanced array of accomplished able art from acceptable to abreast in all media from sculpture, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, and more.
Today I am featuring three alloyed media artists. The first, Werner Sun, is aswell a physicist at Cornell University. He says that “Making active art and sculpted cardboard prints allows me to play with pattern, structure, and randomness, and it connects my plan in physics with the serene countryside about my studio.”
Linna Dolph uses glass, metals, rock and begin items in her art. She says “I access my pieces with the activity of a painter alone instead of painting with paint, I acrylic with glass.”
Along with her aboriginal training in the accomplished arts, Trina Bartimer Bruno aswell spent years as a wood-working artist in the acreage of accomplished crafts. She says, “Using assorted textures and materials, and putting my own boundaries on the haphazardness of nature, my focus is to affix the beheld and affecting adverse of these two worlds.”

Monday, October 28, 2013

New Abstract Painting

I generally plan on canvases in pairs, application agnate colors or compositions. In this additional new abstruse painting featuring white, I already afresh covered the accomplished canvas in titanium white. As I did on the antecedent white painting, I attenuated block into the white on all edges, aggregate it calmly with the white.
Rather than application a besom for my next colors, I added them with a palette knife–first an orange-red, again Indian yellow, and finally, Prussian blue. My next footfall was to add added titanium white with the knife. I didn’t like the ample sections of yellow, so I covered over some of the chicken with the white.
I formed intuitively, aggregate the white into the added colors or abrogation them as solid marks. Again I drew lines, aboriginal in Prussian dejected and again in the orange-red. I capital aggregate to attending coarse and loose, which I anticipate it does.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Painting with White

In this new painting I aboriginal covered the accomplished canvas in titanium white, and again let that white play a above allotment in the all-embracing composition. To abate this abrupt white, I attenuated block (an off-white) into the wet acrylic on all the edges and abandon of the canvas.
Using a brush, I added affable acclamation in orange, cadmium red light, and Indian yellow. As a counterpoint to these balmy colors, I added some veridian green, and again some baby areas of burnt umber.
After that I acclimated my palette knife, aboriginal applying advanced swaths of the titanium white. Again I acclimated the knife to alloy the white with the added colors and to scrape sections of color. Here and there, I acclimated the knife to administer added color. I formed slowly, continuing aback to see what I had so far afore abacus the next stroke.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Abstract Painting

I fabricated this new abstruse cartoon with Zigg calligraphy pens and Koh-i-noor accomplished point pens. Both these pens accept abiding inks that will not achromatize easily. The calligraphy pens accept two tips which accommodate a array of adjustable band widths.
I began by cartoon advanced curve angular beyond the paper, aboriginal in yellows and again with acceptable and salmon. I added added curve in peach, absolution them actualize a free-form structure.
After cartoon with the advanced tip of the pens, I again added curve application the baby tip, accepting into some darker colors like red and abysmal pink. Working with the bigger angled pens, I started to add added detail, creating a focus in the centermost of the image.
I again acclimated the fine-tipped Koh-i-noor pens in atramentous and red to outline some of the broader curve and shapes. Finally, I acclimated besom pens to ample in some of the fatigued shapes with red, peach, yellow, and orange.
Here’s the final abstract oil paintings:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Paintings in Green and Blue

I began this new pen and ink cartoon in blooming and dejected intending to awning the accomplished area of paper. For that reason, I began by cartoon ample curve from one bend of the cardboard to the other, both angular and vertically.
I angled some curve and arced others, capricious the widths, in adjustment to actualize patterns beyond the paper. My next footfall was to highlight some areas by analogue shapes and cartoon added data aural those shapes.
For the focal point of the drawing, I abounding in some sections with yellow, and black in baby annular shapes with red. I aswell accent several sections abroad in the cartoon with the yellow, which helped authority a adamant design.
For bushing in beyond areas, I acclimated besom pens in anemic green, aqua and blue. I congenital criss-crossing patterns that adviser the eye beyond the composition, with the a lot of acute focus in the center.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Color: Yellow

Yellow may not assume like the best best for a black ink cartoon on white paper, but it’s the blush I acquainted like alive with this morning. I accept several shades of chicken in Zigg calligraphy pens, so I was able to draw overlapping curve to body up a able yellow. 

I again acclimated orange and anemic greens to action a adverse to the yellow. I let the shapes appear about in a natural, free-form manner, developing the agreement as I drew. 

Next, I began to add added data by cartoon with the bigger point of the pens in aphotic red and green. I aswell acclimated bigger curve to add textural elements, bushing in some of the fatigued shapes. Finally, I acclimated a Kohinoor fine-tipped red pen for analogue and detail. 

The end aftereffect is amusing and light-hearted–at least, that’s how it feels to me.

Monday, October 21, 2013

New paintings

I assuredly got about to abacus six new paintings to my art website. This is consistently a project, acute several admeasurement images which accept to be able first. Again I accomplish a web page for anniversary painting in a 500 pixel size. I again add them to my “new paintings gallery” page, my “complete catalog” page, and my “originals only” page.
Naturally it is added fun to accomplish the paintings than to do the all-important plan in Photoshop and Dreamweaver to get them up on my website. But I’ve been accomplishing this so continued that I can get it done bound and efficiently. The capital affair is to bifold analysis aggregate afterwards the pages are uploaded. 

Mistakes can be made, and as I get older, I assume to be authoritative added of them! Last ages I begin I’d listed the amiss sizes on four paintings, and I anticipate that led to the accident of a sale. People acquisition it harder to assurance anyone they’re affairs art from long-distance if they acquisition out the painting they capital to buy is not the admeasurement as declared on the website.
I anticipate if you wish to attending professional, accurateness and bendability are two of the a lot of important qualities. I will try to be added acute in befitting up with my antecedent standards.
Here are a brace of the new paintings I just put up: