Monday, October 28, 2013

New Abstract Painting

I generally plan on canvases in pairs, application agnate colors or compositions. In this additional new abstruse painting featuring white, I already afresh covered the accomplished canvas in titanium white. As I did on the antecedent white painting, I attenuated block into the white on all edges, aggregate it calmly with the white.
Rather than application a besom for my next colors, I added them with a palette knife–first an orange-red, again Indian yellow, and finally, Prussian blue. My next footfall was to add added titanium white with the knife. I didn’t like the ample sections of yellow, so I covered over some of the chicken with the white.
I formed intuitively, aggregate the white into the added colors or abrogation them as solid marks. Again I drew lines, aboriginal in Prussian dejected and again in the orange-red. I capital aggregate to attending coarse and loose, which I anticipate it does.

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