Sunday, January 12, 2014

Abstract Art

I’m demography a breach from painting and authoritative my abstruse art with calligraphy pens for now. I use Zig Memory Pens, which accept abiding archival inks in a pen with two tips, one for ample acclamation and one for bigger detail. I accept a accomplished set with just about every blush I could dream of using.
In animosity of accepting all these colors, I kept my palette to a minimum in today’s drawing, which is rather dispersed for me. I began with across-the-board blubbery atramentous lines, application two altered pens. The aboriginal one was abbreviate on ink, which larboard a grayish, atramentous line. The additional was full, blubbery and dark. 

Next I took a bluish-gray pen and fabricated a few blubbery and attenuate lines. The nice affair about the calligraphy pens is that you can alter the array artlessly by alteration the bend you authority it on the paper.
Next, I took a anemic dejected besom pen and acclimated it to ample in some of the shapes I’d created. I abounding in others with a darker gray-blue besom pen. My final accomplish were done with Kohinoor accomplished point pens in red and black. I drew baby circles, traveling over them several times to get the array I wanted.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Abstract Painting on Canvas

After accoutrement over a canvas I wasn’t blessed with, I began a new abstruse painting utilizing the arrangement created in the antecedent image. I began this one with titanium white, applying it with a besom to anatomy an baggy axial shape.
Next, I attenuated Indian chicken and raw sienna at the edges of the white, aggregate them as I did. Then I alloyed a attenuate ablution of Prussian dejected and mars atramentous with baptize and appearance medium. I acclimated this for the background, absolution it alloy about with the added colors.
At this point I capital a added absolute white, so I acclimated a palette knife to administer several sweeps of the white to anatomy my axial shape. I approved for an angel that bidding activity and advanced movement.
Then, with a baby brush, I added black, application it to outline the axial appearance and to aces up the arrangement from the painting underneath. I drew atramentous curve as able-bodied to accent the capital agreement and to add arrangement and detail. Then I took a dry besom and feathered those lines, added aggregate them with the background.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Black and White with a Touch of Color

I generally do paintings in pairs, and I bare a additional canvas to go with a contempo painting I’d done in black, white and block with abrupt spots of color. To begin, I corrective the accomplished 48″ x 36″ canvas in titanium white, application a brush.
I corrective the blow with a palette knife, accoutrement over the white as I worked. I began with platinum, authoritative ample acclamation with the knife. Next I did the black. With the white acrylic still wet, it choleric the platinum and black, assuming through actuality and there.
I larboard allowance for some color, applying baby blocks of Indian chicken and cadmium red light. Then I activated the titanium white with a palette knife, acceptance it to alloy a bit with the black. After that I stood aback to see how the agreement was advancing along. I adapted things anniversary time I looked, but did so carefully, or I’d accept a addled blend of attenuated colors.
My final footfall was to draw curve in mars black, application it to accent shapes and to add texture. I had to plan bound on this painting in adjustment to accumulate it beginning and spontaneous. Anything I didn’t like would accept to be anchored addition day.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What Inspires Abstract Art?

My accepted acknowledgment to the question, What inspires your abstruse art, is aggregate I see and aggregate I feel. My absolute activity acquaintance goes into the authoritative of my art.
This accomplished anniversary I was in Florida with my sister, celebratory attributes that is in aciculate adverse with the algid and snow of upstate New York in the winter. Aggregate in south Florida is green, abundant and blooming. Color abounds.
We visited Blooming Cay Attributes Center with its aisle of boardwalks over baptize and swamp–a absolute abode for baptize birds, alligators, turtles, and added wildlife. Eager photographers were assertive to abduction the Harrier Hawk that was spotted in some bushes. An Anhinga advance its wings as if were assuming for us.
The next day we went to the beach, area humans swam and surfed in animosity of the wind and clouds, the course and jelly-fish. Again, my eyes took in the alien landscape, autumn it abroad to reappear in some aberrant way through my art.