Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Abstract Painting on Canvas

After accoutrement over a canvas I wasn’t blessed with, I began a new abstruse painting utilizing the arrangement created in the antecedent image. I began this one with titanium white, applying it with a besom to anatomy an baggy axial shape.
Next, I attenuated Indian chicken and raw sienna at the edges of the white, aggregate them as I did. Then I alloyed a attenuate ablution of Prussian dejected and mars atramentous with baptize and appearance medium. I acclimated this for the background, absolution it alloy about with the added colors.
At this point I capital a added absolute white, so I acclimated a palette knife to administer several sweeps of the white to anatomy my axial shape. I approved for an angel that bidding activity and advanced movement.
Then, with a baby brush, I added black, application it to outline the axial appearance and to aces up the arrangement from the painting underneath. I drew atramentous curve as able-bodied to accent the capital agreement and to add arrangement and detail. Then I took a dry besom and feathered those lines, added aggregate them with the background.


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