Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Black and White with a Touch of Color

I generally do paintings in pairs, and I bare a additional canvas to go with a contempo painting I’d done in black, white and block with abrupt spots of color. To begin, I corrective the accomplished 48″ x 36″ canvas in titanium white, application a brush.
I corrective the blow with a palette knife, accoutrement over the white as I worked. I began with platinum, authoritative ample acclamation with the knife. Next I did the black. With the white acrylic still wet, it choleric the platinum and black, assuming through actuality and there.
I larboard allowance for some color, applying baby blocks of Indian chicken and cadmium red light. Then I activated the titanium white with a palette knife, acceptance it to alloy a bit with the black. After that I stood aback to see how the agreement was advancing along. I adapted things anniversary time I looked, but did so carefully, or I’d accept a addled blend of attenuated colors.
My final footfall was to draw curve in mars black, application it to accent shapes and to add texture. I had to plan bound on this painting in adjustment to accumulate it beginning and spontaneous. Anything I didn’t like would accept to be anchored addition day.

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