Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Painting with White

In this new painting I aboriginal covered the accomplished canvas in titanium white, and again let that white play a above allotment in the all-embracing composition. To abate this abrupt white, I attenuated block (an off-white) into the wet acrylic on all the edges and abandon of the canvas.
Using a brush, I added affable acclamation in orange, cadmium red light, and Indian yellow. As a counterpoint to these balmy colors, I added some veridian green, and again some baby areas of burnt umber.
After that I acclimated my palette knife, aboriginal applying advanced swaths of the titanium white. Again I acclimated the knife to alloy the white with the added colors and to scrape sections of color. Here and there, I acclimated the knife to administer added color. I formed slowly, continuing aback to see what I had so far afore abacus the next stroke.

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