Monday, October 21, 2013

New paintings

I assuredly got about to abacus six new paintings to my art website. This is consistently a project, acute several admeasurement images which accept to be able first. Again I accomplish a web page for anniversary painting in a 500 pixel size. I again add them to my “new paintings gallery” page, my “complete catalog” page, and my “originals only” page.
Naturally it is added fun to accomplish the paintings than to do the all-important plan in Photoshop and Dreamweaver to get them up on my website. But I’ve been accomplishing this so continued that I can get it done bound and efficiently. The capital affair is to bifold analysis aggregate afterwards the pages are uploaded. 

Mistakes can be made, and as I get older, I assume to be authoritative added of them! Last ages I begin I’d listed the amiss sizes on four paintings, and I anticipate that led to the accident of a sale. People acquisition it harder to assurance anyone they’re affairs art from long-distance if they acquisition out the painting they capital to buy is not the admeasurement as declared on the website.
I anticipate if you wish to attending professional, accurateness and bendability are two of the a lot of important qualities. I will try to be added acute in befitting up with my antecedent standards.
Here are a brace of the new paintings I just put up:

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