Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Paintings in Green and Blue

I began this new pen and ink cartoon in blooming and dejected intending to awning the accomplished area of paper. For that reason, I began by cartoon ample curve from one bend of the cardboard to the other, both angular and vertically.
I angled some curve and arced others, capricious the widths, in adjustment to actualize patterns beyond the paper. My next footfall was to highlight some areas by analogue shapes and cartoon added data aural those shapes.
For the focal point of the drawing, I abounding in some sections with yellow, and black in baby annular shapes with red. I aswell accent several sections abroad in the cartoon with the yellow, which helped authority a adamant design.
For bushing in beyond areas, I acclimated besom pens in anemic green, aqua and blue. I congenital criss-crossing patterns that adviser the eye beyond the composition, with the a lot of acute focus in the center.

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