Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Abstract Painting

I fabricated this new abstruse cartoon with Zigg calligraphy pens and Koh-i-noor accomplished point pens. Both these pens accept abiding inks that will not achromatize easily. The calligraphy pens accept two tips which accommodate a array of adjustable band widths.
I began by cartoon advanced curve angular beyond the paper, aboriginal in yellows and again with acceptable and salmon. I added added curve in peach, absolution them actualize a free-form structure.
After cartoon with the advanced tip of the pens, I again added curve application the baby tip, accepting into some darker colors like red and abysmal pink. Working with the bigger angled pens, I started to add added detail, creating a focus in the centermost of the image.
I again acclimated the fine-tipped Koh-i-noor pens in atramentous and red to outline some of the broader curve and shapes. Finally, I acclimated besom pens to ample in some of the fatigued shapes with red, peach, yellow, and orange.
Here’s the final abstract oil paintings:

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