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Water Soluble Oil Paintings

We accept all been accomplished that 'oil and baptize do not mix'. However, rules are fabricated to be torn in art and baptize acrid paints are rebels on the scene. But, your able apperception is apparently still pondering, "How can oil pigments possibly are baptize soluble?" 

The acknowledgment is this: The oil car has been adapted to accomplish it acrid in water, eliminating the call for turpentine or added alarming solvents to attenuate acrylic and apple-pie brushes and added supplies. 

There are still some painting purists who catechism whether or not these pigments are accurate oils, but I assure you they are. In fact, I accept been auspiciously active my paintings application baptize acrid oils with able after-effects for over 10 years. I fabricated the bland alteration from acrylics to the new oils in my home flat so my ancestors and pets were not apparent to baneful fumes. With an accessible apperception and a little time experimenting, you ability as well adore the allowances of baptize acrid oils. Below, I will do my best to acquaint you of this arresting acrylic from my own claimed acquaintance and with a little advice from the technically advisory book, "Painting with Baptize Acrid Oils," by Sean Dye. 


Baptize acrid oil offers greater accessibility and added accessibility. Abnormally to humans with allergies, home studios, students, schools and those who accept abhorred oils because of the baneful solvents.

Baptize acrid oils that appear to smell great, just like acceptable oils!

Linseed oil is independent in both new and acceptable oils.

Baptize acrid oils are absolute oils. They are baptizing mixable, not water-based.

The new oils were developed to be acclimated with baptize in the abode of turpentine, mineral alcohol or added solvents!

The vegetable dehydration oils accept been restructured in baptize acrid oils which annihilate yellowing.

Like acceptable oils, baptize acrid oils accept to dry through blaze - arresting oxygen through the air. Once dry, they are just like any added oil painting and should be advised as such.

Like acceptable oils, baptize acrid oil paintings cannot be reactivated with baptize if dry.

New water-mixable mediums accept been developed for baptize acrid oils: quick dry mediums (my favorite), angle oils, painting mediums and impasto mediums, linseed oils and alkyd mediums.

Acceptable oil paints and mediums can be added to the new oils in baby amounts of up to 20%-30% and still absorb baptize solubility. Baby amounts of acceptable oil blush can be added to these new paints affect the blush or consistency.

The new pigments alloy and mix acutely well.

If the new oils are alloyed with water, it may at times arise somewhat blurred until baptize evaporates. Although I accept apprehend this complaint, it has not been my acquaintance with these oils.

The fast dehydration mediums acquiesce for affluence of time for aggregate but still accomplish over-painting easier and faster.

Luminous, cellophane glazes can be fabricated by application the water-mixable mediums. Rich, blurred darks are simple to achieve.

Water-mixable linseed oil average makes the new oil added transparent.

A loaded besom of acceptable oils spreads abundant further than a besom loaded with baptizes acrid oils. This does not affect the attending of the accomplished piece, alone the absolute painting process.

Baptize acrid paints aftermath fresh, bright, able color. It is easier to abstain authoritative 'muddy' color.

The new oils are easier to apple-pie up.

Those with bound or no acquaintance with acceptable oils acclimatize to baptize acrid oils added quickly.

Depending on how blubbery you paint, baptize acrid oils absorb their animation and workability for up to 48 hours.

The new oil abridgement of the bright actualization of acceptable oils, but a final adorns is a quick way to carbon the afterglow of acceptable oils. 


Take affliction if dehydration your afresh corrective new oil or acceptable oil paintings. Abstain aphetic or clammy areas to anticipate concealment or yellowing that is acquired by the linseed oil.

Baptize acrid oil paints are absolute for travel, abnormally on airplanes. Abounding airlines bind acceptable and combustible solvents on bartering flights. Eliminating the charge for acrid solvents makes baptize acrid oils simple to backpack for painting on area whether by car, even or horseback.

The plain air painter can accumulate acrylic on the palette for continued periods of time afterwards the acrylic dehydration out. However, accomplished paintings dry added bound than acceptable oil paintings which accomplish these new paints even added adorable for the plain air painter.

Last summer, I acclimated baptize acrid oils during my plain air painting branch in France. I corrective on canvas bedding which fabricated my studies of Provence ablaze and simple to backpack for travel. In the past, I accept as well acclimated 300lb watercolor cardboard with two coats of gesso.

Acrylic gesso should be acclimated as the starting arena for baptize acrid paints to ensure able adhesion. For flat works, I adapt to acrylic on hardboard or Masonite panels for a bland and adamant support, but I do use canvas and linen at times.

Hog bristles are acceptable for under-paintings, but do not let them sit in baptize or they become mushy. I generally use constructed barb brushes for ample areas. For accomplished plan constructed watercolor brushes plan well.

The new oils will abide baptize acrid afterwards these specific mediums are used. Having said that, I accept activate that it is bigger not to mix baptize with the average because application baptize makes the mediums adhesive and the acrylic does not breeze as easily. By the time I activate to add the oil medium, I usually carelessness baptize except for besom charwoman amid blush or temperature changes.

A few drops of linseed oil on the palette restore the paints to their aboriginal applicable form.

All Oil painting should be activated fat over angular to anticipate cracking.

Use baptizes to attenuate the new oils for laying in washes. Build up the adipose layers afterwards the beneath painting is dry. The new oils will abide baptize acrid afterwards the specific baptize mixable mediums are used. 

Just like with accepted oils, the new paints can be laid down in abounding bland attenuate layers, alleged aberrant painting or can be activated in a blubbery wet individual band alleged absolute or alla prima painting or aggregate abroad in between.

Dehydration time is best if a lot of white colorant or Naples Yellow is used.

The aphetic passages in baptize acrid oils sometimes 'sink' and abridgement the bright actualization of an acceptable oil painting. This is calmly remedied by a final varnish.

I adopt Max Artists' Oil Colors by Grumbacher and Artisan Baptize Mixable Oils by Windsor & Newton. The characteristics of these brands are constant with their acceptable oil blush counterparts. They both use all of the acceptable pigments in their curve including cadmiums and cobalt’s. These paints bear brilliant, beaming cellophane glazes and rich, abstruse blurred passages to my work.

Holbein's Duo Aqua Oil has a rather close bend ability which makes them ideal for painting with a palette knife beeline from the tube. The Van Gosh H2Oils accept a softer bend ability that is agnate to acrylic paint. They are absolute for detail plan afterwards the charge for abacus mediums. However, for palette knife work, impasto average is recommended.

I use non-toxic Turpenoid Natural on harder to apple-pie brushes otherwise; "Dawn" bowl soap does the job. Baby oil is as well as acceptable cleaner, followed by soap and water. After, a little petroleum clabber altitude the brushes aback to their aboriginal shape.

Rubbing Alcohol and a razor brand accumulate my bottle palette beginning for the next painting session. 

Hopefully, you now accept a bigger compassionate and acknowledgment for the allowances of baptize acrid oils. They are easier and beneath alarming to use and bear the admirable after-effects of acceptable oils. I animate you to accord them a try and let me apperceive how they plan for you.

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