Thursday, November 21, 2013

More Work on New Blue Painting

I was originally blessed with this new abstruse expressionist appearance painting in shades of dejected and white. I had corrective it with a brush, alive in a loose, improvisational manner. Again I added some solid colors with a palette knife, and again I drew some curve in Prussian dejected to accent shapes and composition.
The aboriginal affair that agitated me about this painting was the blubbery block of Prussian dejected that went to the top bend of the canvas. I didn’t like the appearance of it, so I afflicted that first. Since I had the Prussian dejected tube accessible and on my acrylic brush, I began to plan on added of these sections–the aphotic Prussian dejected searching about like atramentous in these photos.
Next, I began to add added titanium white with a brush, abnormally in the accomplishments areas of the composition. I capital added ablaze and added adverse with the axial blues. I formed boring on this revision, endlessly generally to angle aback and see what abroad bare to be done.
I like this dejected painting abundant bigger now. Time will acquaint whether I accede it “finished.”

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