Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Abstract Expressionist Painting

After some black plan on alteration earlier canvases, I was blessed to yield a beginning bare canvas today and activate a new abstruse expressionist painting. It acquainted acceptable to be painting freely, creating ample gestural acclamation and bond colors on the canvas as I worked.
I began with cadmium red average and red light, intending my admired color–red–as the focal point. Then I covered all the accomplishments in block (an off white). After that I attenuated in some cadmium orange, cadmium red deep, and Indian yellow.
For contrast, I added some veridian blooming and burnt umber. Then I acclimated a palette knife to add some collapsed ample sweeps of blush in cadmium red ablaze and titanium white. Finally, I drew coarse curve in burnt umber, feathering some of them with a besom to abate the effect.
I like the rough, improvisational feel in this painting. As I abstraction the canvas in canicule to come, I’ll see if I still like it.

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