Monday, November 4, 2013

Painting Revisions

Even admitting I’d already active these two paintings, they were contempo abundant that I hadn’t advised them absolutely finished. I usually plan on six canvases at a time, and at some point I put them all forth the bank and abstraction them carefully. Some accomplish the grade, some don’t. 

I wrote about the aboriginal painting afterlight in a antecedent art blog–pointing out that I did not like the after-effects of painting the edges of the agreement with block. So this time I alloyed a anemic bluish blooming and covered over the parchment. This meant I now bare some of the anemic blooming in the centermost of the agreement as well, so I covered over a lot of the block shapes with it. 

I anticipate it’s bigger now, but time will acquaint whether it is finished.

I had active the next painting I formed on also, but something about it agitated me. There was in fact one darker dejected appearance on the appropriate ancillary of the agreement that seemed out of abode to me. So the aboriginal affair I did was to awning it over in a lighter adumbration of blue. But that didn’t absolutely break the problem. 

I absitively the accomplished oil painting was too apish and bare added improvisation. 

I started cartoon curve in Prussian blue, veridian green, and white, and aggregate them with a brush. Well, it abiding is added ad-lib now, but ugly.

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