Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Abstract Painting

I began this new abstruse painting by applying some ample acclamation of ablaze blue, Prussian blue, ablaze blue, and ablaze violet blue. Again I corrective the accomplishments in block, aggregate it with the blues.
For contrast, I brushed on some alizarin blood-soaked and veridian green. I did aggregate in a loose, actor style, painting quickly. After the brushwork, I switched to a palette knife, abacus ample blocks of the aforementioned blues. Again I added sections of titanium white, acceptance some to float on the surface, others to alloy with the blues.
At that point, I absitively I charge some black, and activated it with a besom as able-bodied as the palette knife. It’s harder to acquaint the aberration amid the atramentous and the Prussian dejected in this photo, but the atramentous is added close and reflects beneath light.
Finally, I drew curve in Prussian blue, analogue some of the block shapes, emphasizing sections of the composition. And again I stopped. I’ll accept addition attending tomorrow to see area to go from here.

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