Sunday, November 24, 2013

Struggle in the Painting Studio

Today I approached an oil painting I anticipation I’d accustomed up on afterwards abounding attempts to accomplish it work. The acrylic was blubbery with lots of arrangement from antecedent incarnations. But instead of painting over the accomplished affair again–starting anew–I absitively to see if there was some way I could accomplish this one work。
Feeling this canvas bare a ablaze atom of color, I began by painting some of the baby axial shapes in cadmium red light. Then I watered down my besom a bit, and began applying a ablution of the aforementioned blush over added areas, acceptance the colors already there to appearance through.
Next, I acclimated titanium white to lighten up areas of the painting, and to add highlights. Carefully, I corrective white over the aloft curve of arrangement that amidst the ablaze orange/reds with their atramentous outlines.
Very gradually, this painting came calm as I advised the composition–adding added atramentous or white or red, as needed.
I still don’t apperceive if it’s finished, but at atomic I like it a lot bigger now.

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