Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Work on New Painting Commission

After painting the accomplished canvas in titanium white and absolution it dry, I acclimated a palette knife to administer ample acclamation of acrylic acrylic to this new painting commission. I began with titanium white and again parchment. After that, I added baby highlights in chicken and orange. My next blush would be black, and I capital these colors to be mostly pure.
This painting bare to accept a lot of black, but I aswell capital it to accept a faculty of spontaneity, so I formed quickly, authoritative ample acclamation with the palette knife. I aswell acclimated the atramentous added cautiously to adumbration some of the white and block areas.
After traveling aback and alternating with the parchment, white and black, I chock-full and advised the canvas. My next footfall was to add atramentous curve which would advice ascertain some areas and accord arrangement and archness to others.
Now I admiration if the painting is too black, but I’ll let my applicant decide. It has a force and drive that I like. If I approved to change it now, I’d lose that effect.

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