Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Working on New Abstract Paintings

I accustomed a agency afresh to accomplish two new abstract paintings that would plan alone or afraid calm a few inches apart. When faced with a claiming like that, I like to acrylic both canvases simultaneously, sometimes even application two easels so I can actually move from one to the other.
After accumulating the colors I would need, I absitively to acrylic layers of accomplishments first, which would accommodate a jumping off point for the final composition. To start, I awkward baby amounts of acrylic in accidental spots over the accomplished canvas in the afterward colors: teal, purple, acceptable and gray. After flattening out anniversary atom of paint, I covered the accomplished canvas in a admixture of anemic lavender, baptize and covering medium. I accustomed the colors to alloy as I did this.
Commissioned Painting.
After this accomplishments dried, I angry the canvas 90 degrees and corrective addition accomplishments layer. I acclimated the aforementioned colors as above, but added titanium white and parchment. This time I didn’t abrade the spots of color, but anon began painting over them with the lavender mixture, aggregate as I went.
The white helps add some ablaze to the background, which should construe into the final painting. After one added accomplishments covering of paint, I’ll be accessible to alpha the foreground.

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