Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Abstract Paintings

This anniversary I connected plan on two new abstruse paintings for a agency I received. After finishing the accomplishments layers, I began to acrylic a apart agreement in the colors my applicant requested: purples, lavender, peach, azure and air-conditioned gray, with a blow of white and beige.
I corrective with a brush, alpha with the purples. I formed on one canvas, again the other, application a agnate access with a loose, all-embracing design. One botheration I noticed is that there wasn’t abundant contrast–all the colors tended to be the aforementioned amount and produced a rather collapsed effect.
I added some aphotic amethyst and aphotic gray to accommodate added adverse and definition. But the shades of azure didn’t assume to plan at all with the added colors. I can see that these paintings are traveling to be a challenge.

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