Sunday, December 22, 2013

Breaking a Horizontal LIne in a Painting

When I endure formed on this vertical painting, I admired how I’d revised it with added ablaze and energy. But I had created a accumbent band traveling beyond the painting about 1/3 of the way from the top. Upon added reflection, I absitively this breach in the vertical didn’t absolutely work.
So I began painting today by aboriginal breaking up that line. I started at the edges of the canvas, accoutrement over the band with titanium white. Basically, I afflicted the shapes aloft and beneath to breach through the line, except in the centermost area of the canvas, area I larboard it intact.
Of course, already I began to accomplish changes, I had to abide to add added colors and plan in a added all-embracing address to accomplish the agreement of the painting plan as a whole. I added added lavender, purple, and abysmal plum, affective from one blush to the next until I admired what I had.
In my endure step, I added some curve in mars black–both analogue shapes and creating texture.

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