Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Final Steps on Two Abstract Paintings

I had these two abstract paintings about for a while now, afterwards alive on them in several painting sessions. The aboriginal seemed to get worse the added I formed on it: 

It wasn’t bad at this point, but I wasn’t absolutely blessed with it. The next painting affair resulted in this: 

At that point I acquainted it bare something dramatic. I corrective a swath of titanium white from top to bottom, and a attenuated one from larboard to right. The white was not absolutely opaque, but accustomed shapes and arrangement from the painting below to appearance through. While the acrylic was still wet, I rubbed out a amphitheater in the center.
Next I drew curve in mars black, analogue the white appearance and abacus a atramentous bound for the architecture below it. I bedfast the atramentous to accomplish the curve thick.
I’m not abiding why I did all this, because it resulted in a painting that alone a mother could love:

So I’m not affecting this canvas afresh until 2014!

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