Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Will This Painting Ever Be Finished?

Some paintings appear easily, some don’t. I’ve been alive on this one always and admiration if I’ll anytime accomplishment it. At least, that’s the way it feels. I anticipate I admired it at one point, but if I looked aback over the photos of antecedent versions, I accept to disagree about that:

Since then, I’ve formed on it several times, but I am never absolutely blessed with it. In this next version, I abounding in some of the shapes with color, and afflicted the accomplishments color:

Then I afflicted the accomplishments blush again, but still wasn’t happy. Today I drew curve in cadmium red abysmal about some of the red shapes, and drew a brace of baby circles. I afresh acclimated a baby wet besom to ample in some of those shapes.
I was aggravating to get a stronger axial focus in the painting. Next, I categorical some of the shapes in veridian green, and afresh acclimated a wet besom to ample in some of them. After that, I took the aforementioned blush acrylic I’d acclimated on the accomplishments and abounding in added shapes with it. I aswell acclimated that blush to awning over some of the blatant white lines.

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