Sunday, December 15, 2013

Adding Energy to New Abstract Paintings

After alive on four canvases over several weeks, I was blessed if my applicant best the two abstruse paintings she wanted. In my opinion, they were the best two. That larboard me chargeless to add activity and ablaze to the two paintings that I was not actual blessed with.
This time I formed in a added expressionist manner. I corrective with apart strokes, absolution the acrylic overlap and alloy on the canvas. I formed over the accomplished canvas at once, absolution the agreement gradually develop.
I started with titanium white because this painting was a addled connected at the end of my endure painting session. Then I added some anemic chicken and ablaze orange to accord added activity and energy.
I blocked out all the azure because I never acquainted that blush formed able-bodied with the lavenders and purples that bedeviled this painting. I both added and subtracted color, and rearranged the agreement as I did.
I was searching for an all-embracing feel of spontaneity, a apart impressionism that allows amplitude to breathe. I kept working, alteration from one blush to the next, slowing down against the end, until I admired what I had.

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