Sunday, December 29, 2013

Adding More Light to a Abstract Painting

I admired the basal architecture of this abstruse painting, but hated its flatness–no ablaze or activity or breath space: 

To activate the transformation, I started painting over a lot of of the peach, azure and block with titanium white. I acclimated large, apart brush-strokes, giving added of a faculty of spontaneity. 

After abacus even added white, I bass down some of the amethyst with a anemic lavender. Then I added a few highlights in cadmium red light, which looks like a abysmal orange color. I added a blow of yellow, as well. 

I connected working, abacus aback in some of the peach, adjustment the purple, and finally, the aphotic asset which I acclimated for emphasis and contrast. Periodically I stood aback to see how the agreement was abstraction up. When I admired what I saw, I stopped.

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