Sunday, December 8, 2013

Starting Two New Abstract Paintings

I was not blessed with the painting agency I’ve been alive on, so I began two new abstruse paintings advised to be afraid as a pair. I acquainted the aboriginal set of paintings was too bound after abundant ablaze and spontaneity.
First, I corrective some basal vertical shapes in the capital colors my applicant wanted: peach, purple, aphotic amethyst and teal. I aswell added a blow of alizarin crimson. I let these shapes float upward, about plant-like. Then I corrective the accomplishments in titanium white.
While the white was still wet, I activated a lavender admixture with a brush, aggregate it with the white as I went. Around the edges of the shapes, I aswell accustomed the acrylic colors to blend. This apart alpha will accommodate a anatomy and outline for the next painting stage.

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