Monday, December 9, 2013

More Work on New Abstract Paintings

After finishing the accomplishments and a basal account of colors, I did added plan on two new abstruse paintings for a commission. I started by abacus blocks of titanium white, aggregate some of it into the background.
I added added of anniversary blush I acclimated before: peach, purple, teal, lavender, and aphotic purple. I acclimated ample brushstrokes, absolution the shapes advance loosely. I was searching for activity and spontaneity.
As I worked, I stood aback from the board often, to get an all-embracing consequence of the composition. Towards the end, I formed added slowly, abacus a atom of blush here, alteration something there.
My endure footfall was to draw coarse curve in black, analogue the shapes and abacus absorption and texture. I brushed over some of the curve to abrade and thicken them.
Next I formed on the additional canvas, abutting it in a agnate manner–first with the white, and again the added colors. I capital to do them both calm so they’d accept the aforementioned feel and style, yet still be different. 

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