Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Two New Abstract Paintings

Today I focused on accepting the colors appropriate for two new abstruse paintings that accept to plan calm on the aforementioned wall. They are for a commission, and my applicant was actual specific about the colors she wanted: purple, lavender, peach, azure and gray, with a blow of chrism and white.
The gray didn’t absolutely plan with these added colors, so I acclimated a aphotic amethyst instead. Usually if I paint, the blush shadings appear by itself through one blush aggregate with another. But if I had to be so specific, including alienated colors like blush and asset, the assignment became added difficult.
Instead of aggregate colors naturally, I concluded up with added solid blocks of anniversary color, aggravating to bout my client’s expectations. As I did this, the paintings became tighter, beneath ad-lib and loose.
Is this a bulletin that I should stop demography on painting commissions?

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