Monday, November 25, 2013

New Painting Commission

This anniversary I’ve been alive on a new painting agency for a ample 48″ x 36″canvas. My applicant chose one of my accepted paintings that he liked, gave me a brace of colors he capital me to add, and from that I began to work.
I’m not abiding whether commissions are harder if the applicant is actual specific, or if they are actual vague. I anticipate specific is better. In the end, however, you accept to accomplish a new painting that works–not await too heavily on instructions. For what the applicant absolutely wants is a abundant new painting that is unique.
Another claiming in painting a agency is the differences in size. A architecture or address that works baby is harder to construe into large, and carnality versa. The aboriginal painting my applicant admired was actual small–20″ x 20″–whereas the new one is large. Plus, I corrective the aboriginal with a palette knife, bound accoutrement the baby canvas. That accustomed me to acrylic wet on wet, and to use the breadth of the palette knife to ascertain strokes.
After belief the obstacles and challenges, I was accessible to activate the new commission. After authoritative the canvas, I aboriginal corrective a covering of titanium white and let it dry. That would accommodate a acceptable accomplishments apparent for the new painting.

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